State Department: "Twelve Five" eliminated Steel 48 million tons capacity each
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State Department: "Twelve Five" eliminated Steel 48 million tons capacity each

    The State Council recently issued the "energy conservation" 12th Five-Year Plan ", and called on all localities to conscientiously implement to ensure that the" 12th Five-Year "period to achieve energy savings of 670 million tons of standard coal and other energy-saving emission reduction targets.

"Planning" requirements the 2015 National yuan GDP energy consumption fell to 0.869 tons of standard coal (at 2005 prices), 1.034 tons of standard coal in 2010, a decrease of 16% (1.276 tons in 2005 standard coal decreased by 32%).

To this end, this as long as the focus of the planning requirements of more than 20,000 words, optimize the industrial structure: high energy consumption, high emission industries continue to curb the excessive growth: the reasonable control of the fixed asset investment growth and thermal power, iron and steel, cement, paper, printing and dyeing industry development scale and improve the access threshold of new projects such as energy-saving, environmental protection, land, security, strictly fixed assets investment projects in energy assessment review, environmental impact assessment and construction project sites for pre-trial, and improve management department of the new projects linkage mechanism and project approval accountability the system.

"Plan" clearly: "irregularities in the construction of the high energy consumption, high emission project, relevant departments should be ordered to stop the construction of the financial institutions are not allowed to grant loans. Violation completion of the project, should be ordered to stop production, financial institutions are not allowed to disseminate flow capital loans, the relevant departments should stop power and water supply. strictly control high energy consumption, high emission and resource exports. "

"Planning" also requires the total energy consumption, the total discharge of pollutants as an important basis of the assessment and the EIA approval, electricity, iron and steel, paper, printing and dyeing industry, a major pollutant emission control of new and expansion projects implementation the same amount or reduction of the amount of sewage replacement.

For the elimination of backward production capacity, "planning" requirements focus eliminated 20 million kilowatts of small thermal power capacity of 48 million tons iron production, steel production capacity of 48 million tons of cement production capacity of 3.7 million tons of coke production capacity of 42 million tons, paper production capacity of 15 million tons.

In order to promote energy conservation, "planning" to adjust the structure of energy consumption: promoting the rapid growth of natural gas production, and promote the development and utilization of coalbed methane, shale gas and other unconventional oil and gas resources, to strengthen the strategic oil and gas inlet channel, domestic trunk pipeline network, urban distribution network and the construction of the repository.

"Planning" explicitly requested "actively develop hydropower in the premise of good ecological protection and resettlement to ensure security and orderly development of nuclear power.

Under planning, preliminary estimates show that during the "12th Five-Year plan the implementation of energy saving projects need investment of about 2.366 trillion yuan, the formation of energy-saving capacity of 300 million tons of standard coal, new chemical oxygen demand (COD), sulfur dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxides reduction in capacity of 4.2 million tons, 2.77 million tons, 40 million tons, 3.58 million tons.